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Business litigation case involves 7-Eleven and local store

When one company infringes on another company's trademark in California, this may end up leading to the demise of the business whose trademark was infringed. One national convenience store company recently sued a local convenience store in an out-of-state case alleging trademark infringement. A judge has accepted an agreement regarding the matter, thus ending the business litigation involving these two companies.

Convenience store giant 7-Eleven decided to sue the standalone Super 7 Food Mart after it found that the local store's signage allegedly violated 18 trademarks that the chain had registered. The 7-Eleven company licenses, franchises or operates more than 10,000 stores throughout North America. It has been using its well-known moniker since the 1940s.

Strong solutions may lead to profitable business transactions

Starting a new business is an excellent way to become one's own boss and achieve a new level of personal fulfillment. However, these reasons are self-serving. There are several other good reasons to become an entrepreneur in California and engage in business transactions -- reasons that focus more on the greater good, thus increasing one's chances of being profitable.

One good reason for a person to start a business is that he or she has created an improved solution to a major problem. This is important particularly for those who are interested in venture funding. Venture capitalists are only interested in business ideas if the entrepreneurs who have come up with those ideas have strong problem statements as well as solutions that are far better than anything else currently on the market.

Business transactions that focus on the customer can yield profit

Launching one's own business can be both a thrilling and a nerve-wracking endeavor in California. Although engaging in business transactions as an entrepreneur can lead to large amounts of revenue, figuring out how to make this happen can be tricky for a novice business owner. A few tips may help people to realize business success as well as profitability early on.

First, it is essential to identify the type of customer one wishes to serve. Then, an entrepreneur would benefit from actually talking to the customer to find out what they want. Failure to understand the customer's needs is a major reason that most startup companies fail.

Dog fence maker files suit involving intellectual property rights

A strong brand in California allows a company to be easily recognized by customers, and brand recognition often leads to increased profits. One company in another state, however, recently claimed that another business tried to improperly use its brand name. The company, which manufacturers electronic dog fences, recently sued the other business, alleging that it violated its intellectual property rights.

The dog fence company creates outdoor and indoor systems that work using a radio signal. These products are marketed throughout the United States. The company said a business that supplies pet products has attempted to convince customers that it is associated with the fence company even though this is not true, as the two companies have no agreement with each other. The pet supply company sells competing electronic systems used to restrain animals.

Commercial landlord-tenant dispute leads to litigation

As many people in California are aware, it takes a great deal of time, effort and money in order for a business to be successful. Often, businesses will make future plans based on deals they make in the present. As a result, a commercial landlord-tenant dispute could have a significant impact on a business and the owner, as well as the landlord. A recent dispute has ended up in court after the owner of a commercial property filed suit against a former tenant.

The owner of the property, Esplanade Mall Limited Partnership, claims that a man and presumably the company he owns signed a contract in Aug. 2012 for space in a mall. As part of the agreement, the mall would be paid $1,500 in rent each month. The agreement lasted 28 months.

Man to spearhead business transactions via new tech venture

Staring a new venture can be tricky because of the financial risk often involved. However, independently facilitating business transactions in California can also be rewarding, giving a person the opportunity to generate more income than he or she might receive in a traditional job. One co-founder of a business that develops mobile event apps recently said he was going to leave his company to create a brand new one.

The app-industry entrepreneur is Dave Shanley, and he serves as the vice president of technology at CrowdCompass. However, he said he will soon be running a new startup called Notion, which will provide a product that will help companies to source as well as report the information they collect. This information can enable a business team to evaluate how well it is performing.

Intellectual property rights suit filed against Skechers

When running a business in California, having a distinct trademark is critical for making sure that one's brand stands out. Trademark infringement can, thus, have an adverse impact on a business's ability to thrive financially. One woman recently filed a lawsuit related to intellectual property rights against the popular shoemaker Skechers.

The woman who filed the lawsuit is the owner of a small business, and she said that she created a special slogan. She filed for trademark rights for the slogan "Yoga pants for your feet" back in 2014. However, she said noticed that a particular Skechers television ad was promoting its new shoes, the Stretch-Fit Gliders, and the company used this exact slogan.

Business transactions from home can help retirees to make money

As people in California age and enjoy their golden years, they may have an inclination to finally start that business they never had the courage or time to do when they were younger. The idea of engaging in business transactions and generating extra income may sound appealing to them, but they may fear having to tap into their life savings to make it happen. Fortunately, many business opportunities are available without requiring a lot of upfront capital.

A person can easily tap into his or her interest in subjects such as food, pets, travel or books to create many streams of income. For instance, people can publish their own e-books, sell products or offer online classes. Running multiple side businesses may help them earn money without having to go back to punching the clock every day.

Grooveshark shuts down following business litigation

People in California who used Grooveshark, a service for music streaming, may be interested to learn that the service has been shut down following accusations of copyright infringement. Grooveshark recently agreed to stop its operations in line with a settlement it achieved with the big record labels involved in this business litigation case. The company is now one of many that have been sued for copyright infringement.

The legal battle stretched out for four years. The parent company of Grooveshark, Escape Media Group, was sued for damages totaling hundreds of millions of dollars. A trial had been scheduled for early May.

Certain steps can help to make business transactions successful

Starting a business can be both an exciting adventure and a daunting task. Knowing how to best make business transactions profitable in California can be a challenge in today's competitive marketplace. However, a few tips may help people who are interested in finally taking the plunge into entrepreneurship to start off strong.

First, it is important for people to assess what skills they have developed over time. Any skills learned in the workplace or in school can come in handy for building a business. In addition, it is important for people to use their networks, including family and friends, to figure out whether or not their business ideas are feasible.

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