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Business transactions possible through various funding sources

Starting a business is a common dream among people in the United States, including those in California. However, after coming up with a stellar idea and writing a strong business plan, many budding entrepreneurs hit a roadblock before starting to engage in business transactions. That roadblock is more often than not financial in nature. However, people with small businesses have a few different options for securing the money necessary to grow their ventures.

A traditional way of acquiring business funding is to rely on banks. However, banks are sometimes reluctant to lend money to a new entrepreneur. Other avenues include pursuing funds from venture investors or asking relatives for financial support.

Business litigation case involves breach of contract

Most people in California would "have a cow" if they felt they were being cheated financially; one man in another state is no exception. In a case involving breach of contract, this man decided to sue his business partners after they had worked together to raise cattle; however, his partners reportedly sold about 100 cattle yet failed to pay him his share of the revenue. People who believe that a contract into which they have entered has been illegally violated have the right to pursue business litigation.

In this out-of-state case, the man said he had verbally agreed with three men that he would provide water and land fencing for cows, and that they would provide the cattle. They reportedly also agreed that the man would receive a quarter of all sales of cattle. The man said that one of the business partners, however, ended up transferring his own 25 percent in their contract to him, after suspecting the other partners of not following the agreement.

12-year-old oversees business transactions at his own company

Entrepreneurship has a twofold benefit in California. The business owner may embrace the idea of being able to do the work he or she enjoys, and the customer benefits by having a real need met through the entrepreneur's product or service. One recent entrepreneur is already facilitating business transactions at just 12 years old, thus demonstrating that age does not have to be a barrier to pursuing the dream of starting a new business.

In this out-of-state case, the boy -- who is in sixth grade -- started a company last year that offers products known as Freeeez-Out Covers. These products are designed to cover sprinkler backflow valves in order to prevent pipes from freezing, which can cause them to break. Replacing a valve can cost between $175 and $250.

2015 appears to be ideal year to engage in business transactions

A New Year's resolution for some individuals in California may be to finally launch the business they have always dreamed of starting. After all, entrepreneurship offers perks such as the ability to essentially be one's own boss and potentially earn more money than a traditional wage job might pay. Now appears to be an ideal time to begin engaging in business transactions for multiple reasons.

First, the economy is considered robust, and consumer confidence is high. Evidence of this is the fact that the Dow Jones recently reached 18,000 -- its first time in history. Aspiring business owners may be wise to take full advantage of today's positive economic situation by finalizing business plans and jumping into the market.

Lawsuit involves intellectual property rights tied to music

Those who enjoy music in California are likely familiar with the unique sounds of fan-generating artists such as Michael Jackson and Stevie Nicks. However, a broadcast music company in an out-of-state case is not a fan of one restaurant that has been playing these artists' music. The broadcast company recently filed a lawsuit against the Italian eatery, claiming that the restaurant was playing the music illegally, thus violating laws related to intellectual property rights.

The music at the center of the lawsuit includes songs by Jackson, Nicks and Willie Nelson. According to the suit, the broadcast company known as Broadcast Music Inc. licenses public performance-related rights for more than eight million musical compositions that have been copyrighted. Many other plaintiffs have joined the suit, including Sony and Concord Music Group.

Business transactions for KeyMe expected to grow in number

Many people in California have likely had the experience of locking themselves out of their cars. One company in another state, called KeyMe, provides key replacements in digital form. The company's business transactions are expected to grow as the business, which now operates in convenience shops and has 10 kiosks, expands to 100 kiosks by late 2015.

The company exists because car owners who need new keys currently pay anywhere from $200 to $400 for new keys from a dealership. KeyMe provides digital keys at prices between $20 and $60. The price depends on whether a traditional key or an electronic one needs replacing.

Overcoming fear can lead to successful business transactions

Becoming an entrepreneur in California may enable a person to feel a sense of freedom he or she has never experienced as a traditional employee. However, hiring workers and engaging in business transactions for the first time can be a daunting task. A few tips may help budding entrepreneurs to overcome their fears when starting a new venture.

First, it may help to read literature by a successful entrepreneur who has achieved what one would personally like to accomplish. This may give a new business person the confidence he or she needs to keep moving toward his or her established goal. In addition, even if new entrepreneurs do not know everything there is to know about their fields, they can continue researching their services or product areas and commit themselves to excellence.

Business litigation case involves 3M, maker of Post-It notepads

A trademark is critical for helping consumers in California and other states to differentiate between products. It also safeguards a company's investment and reputation. When one's trademark is used by another company without authorization, this can lead to business litigation. One out-of-state case currently involves 3M, the maker of Post-it notepads. The company has filed a suit against a printing company on the grounds of trademark infringement.

The reason for the lawsuit is that the printing company has been using the name "Stick-it" on the company's advertising stickers, which are similar to those placed on pizza boxes. 3M claims that "Stick-It" is too similar to its "Post-it" and, thus, may confuse consumers. In addition, the company alleges that the printing company is unfairly benefiting at the expense of 3M.

Strong business transactions can result from right location

Creating a business is a dream for many people who desire the autonomy it provides. However, starting a business -- such as a furniture store, bakery or clothing boutique -- can pose financial challenges. Perseverance and passion are needed to succeed in entrepreneurial business transactions. A few tips can help people who are interested in forming their own business in California start off on the right foot.

First, it is important to test a certain location under consideration for a business locale. One might think that a shopping area with high foot traffic will automatically be the perfect site, but this isn't always the case. It's important to understand the type of foot traffic that the shopping area receives and then determine if it fits the business model.

California startup's business transactions involve packages

Being able to come up with a novel solution to a widespread consumer problem may lead to entrepreneurial success in California. One startup company in California just might have resolved the issue of the theft of holiday packages. If the idea takes off, this may lead to highly profitable business transactions in the years ahead.

Each year, packages that are delivered to people's doorsteps are illegally taken. This is because shipping carriers and the Post Office usually leave packages at residential doors if no one is home at the time of the delivery. This typically happens during the daytime, when a majority of individuals are at their workplaces. The issue worsens during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons.

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