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Intellectual property rights suit filed against Skechers

When running a business in California, having a distinct trademark is critical for making sure that one's brand stands out. Trademark infringement can, thus, have an adverse impact on a business's ability to thrive financially. One woman recently filed a lawsuit related to intellectual property rights against the popular shoemaker Skechers.

The woman who filed the lawsuit is the owner of a small business, and she said that she created a special slogan. She filed for trademark rights for the slogan "Yoga pants for your feet" back in 2014. However, she said noticed that a particular Skechers television ad was promoting its new shoes, the Stretch-Fit Gliders, and the company used this exact slogan.

Business transactions from home can help retirees to make money

As people in California age and enjoy their golden years, they may have an inclination to finally start that business they never had the courage or time to do when they were younger. The idea of engaging in business transactions and generating extra income may sound appealing to them, but they may fear having to tap into their life savings to make it happen. Fortunately, many business opportunities are available without requiring a lot of upfront capital.

A person can easily tap into his or her interest in subjects such as food, pets, travel or books to create many streams of income. For instance, people can publish their own e-books, sell products or offer online classes. Running multiple side businesses may help them earn money without having to go back to punching the clock every day.

Grooveshark shuts down following business litigation

People in California who used Grooveshark, a service for music streaming, may be interested to learn that the service has been shut down following accusations of copyright infringement. Grooveshark recently agreed to stop its operations in line with a settlement it achieved with the big record labels involved in this business litigation case. The company is now one of many that have been sued for copyright infringement.

The legal battle stretched out for four years. The parent company of Grooveshark, Escape Media Group, was sued for damages totaling hundreds of millions of dollars. A trial had been scheduled for early May.

Certain steps can help to make business transactions successful

Starting a business can be both an exciting adventure and a daunting task. Knowing how to best make business transactions profitable in California can be a challenge in today's competitive marketplace. However, a few tips may help people who are interested in finally taking the plunge into entrepreneurship to start off strong.

First, it is important for people to assess what skills they have developed over time. Any skills learned in the workplace or in school can come in handy for building a business. In addition, it is important for people to use their networks, including family and friends, to figure out whether or not their business ideas are feasible.

Blackstone, Wells Fargo agree to purchase commercial real estate

California is considered to be one of the strongest property markets today. It is for this reason that two major companies -- Wells Fargo & Co. and Blackstone Group -- have agreed to purchase most of the commercial real estate assets belonging to General Electric Co., with part of the deal involving real estate in Southern California. The deal is valued at an estimated $23 billion.

Blackstone will acquire holdings of GE throughout the United States, including in the Southern California region, for more than $3 billion. It will also acquire a commercial mortgage portfolio valued at more than $4 billion. It additionally agreed to purchase assets in other countries.

Construction company files breach of contract suit

In some cases, when two parties in California have entered into a business contract, one party ends up not upholding the terms of the contract. This allegedly happened in one recent out-of-state case involving a construction company and a restaurant. The construction business is currently suing the restaurant for a reported breach of contract after the company claims that the eatery did not pay for construction and design services.

The construction company said it contracted with the restaurant to offer design services linked to the restaurant's renovation. The two parties had allegedly agreed to a price of more than $33,000. The construction company said it completed the requested services in line with the two parties' contract, issuing two invoices for the work. However, despite repeatedly demanding payment, it has not received payment.

Business transactions may not be profitable for several reasons

People often take the plunge into entrepreneurship with the goal of being profitable quickly and realizing their business ownership dreams. However, driving and overseeing business transactions requires a lot of preparation and ongoing dedication. Business startups in California may end up failing for various reasons.

One reason startups often fail is because the team leading the business lacks the skills that are necessary for success. It is essential that a company's team members complement one another's strengths and mitigate one another's weaknesses. The right workers are also needed to build a company's foundation.

Emeco sues Ikea in business litigation case involving copyright

After producing a creative work in California, one area of concern may be whether or not another party is attempting to inappropriately use that work without permission -- in other words, engage in copyright infringement. Emeco, a furniture brand, is currently involved in a business litigation case after claiming to be a victim of copyright infringement. It is suing Ikea for reportedly copying a chair that was designed by architect Norman Foster.

Emeco, an American company that specializes in aluminum furniture, said that Swedish giant Ikea has a dining chair called the Melltrop chair that resembles its own 20-06 Stacking Chair. Emeco's chair is based on a design created by Foster back in 2006. A court hearing is slated to take place in September.

Business transactions for HappAppily expected to be successful

Many people in California dream of owning their own businesses. After all, being an entrepreneur who facilitates profitable business transactions is frequently viewed as an exciting endeavor when compared with simply punching the clock each day. One business that is changing the way other businesses operate in the social media world is a technology startup known as HappAppily.

HappAppily is currently developing a tool that businesses can use to share employees' contact information both internally and with their customers. Founded in early 2015, the company has created a Web-based platform that is unlike anything else currently available. The platform stands out because it lets employers delete, edit and add contact data in real time so that customers can always access accurate contact information.

A few steps can help generate business transactions from zero

When people think about building a business, the idea of becoming an entrepreneur can be exciting and motivating. However, starting at zero can be overwhelming. A few steps can help people who wish to become their own bosses and manage their own business transactions to launch their dream businesses in California.

First, it is essential for an aspiring business owner to research his or her market. It is also important to establish a financial goal that is tangible, which includes figuring out what one needs to achieve each day in order to reach a financial goal. It is also wise to develop a website with credible and shareable content that showcases one's skills, service or product.

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